As understanding the critical machining needs in terms of tolerances and finishes have a direct effect on performance of the product, we have developed a robust process using best in class machinery and practices.

We have expertise in developing aluminum forgings, castings and extrusions. Our Machine shop with CNC and Conventional machines can handle wide variety of components. Supported by NC Laser and Turret Punch Presses, we can handle a wide range of parts. We can Surface coat parts with RoHS compliant Alodine and Anodizing coatings.

    • Full fledged machine shop with CNC vertical machining centers and drill tap centers, equipped with pallet changers for efficient and economical machining.
    • Cell based manufacturing groups consisting of turning cell, drilling-tapping cell, milling cell, grinding cell.
    • Facility for surface coating with Alodine, Phosphating.
    • Standards and gauge control room equipped with 3D CMM, digital instruments, slip blocks for reliable metrology and measurements.
    • High product mix, small and medium production runs.
    • Meticulous Production planning for timely order processing.

In house Engineering capability to design process, manufacture of jigs, fixtures, and special purpose machines, shortens the product development cycle. The combined experience of design desks and shop floor helps optimize manufacturing efficiencies in terms of quality and cost, right at the beginning.

    • In-house engineering capability to design process, raw material development and qualification procedures.
    • Design and prepare drawings for jigs, fixtures and tooling manufacture.
    • In-house design of necessary jigs and fixtures shortens development lead times.
    • Design of operation sequence based process sheet, detailing operation parameters, control dimensions and tolerances, inspection criteria.
    • Prepare process flow diagram and control plan.
    • Design of Inspection process for layout, first-off sampling, SPC evaluation methods and documentation.
    • Expertise to handle prototypes with short lead times.
    • Sourcing raw material, developing extrusions, forgings, castings, sheet metal components.
    • Design of material input condition drawings, for forgings, castings, extrusions, etc.
    • Prepare procedure for material testing and acceptance, based on standards.
    • Prepare procedure for in-coming inspection of material and their evaluation.
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